By: Mark Saber Jr.

FOXBOROUGH- Martellus Bennett has a career day against the Browns in Brady’s return. It is quite fitting for me because I just bragged how Gronk and Marty are in line to create one hell-of-a duo. I have been raving about Marty since his arrival to the team but this game was a captivating performance. So the main question now is, when will Bennett receive his extension from the Patriots?

Martellus had an overall solid performance against Cleveland, he got 6 receptions, 67 yards, and 3 Touch Downs. At this pace he is inline to have season totals of 67 catches, 1,005 yards, and 13 Touch Downs which are close to my personal prediction for him I wrote in my last article. But with those stats he is on pace for a career year. But with this type of a year the question is does Marty get re-signed at season end?

I say YES! I think Bennett should be compensated for his performance I know Gronk and the Pats have been in contract talks the whole off season. Also note that there are plenty of players due for extension that are vital to the team at seasons end. But I personally think the Patriots will re-sign, for this one reason alone, the Patriots lack an explosive big body weapon outside of Rob Gronkowski. Bennett has bought in heavily to the “Patriot Way”. Which consists of  don’t run your mouth to the media, play hard nose football, and let the performance do the smack talk.

People need to realize Bennett is no spring chicken who is in his early 20’s and has a decade left of elite football in him. Bennett has been in the league since 2008, and has essentially played for not so talented teams.


Bennett is a big body target, for an aging arm like Brady he provides an easy target at 6 feet 6 inches, 275 pounds, and 4.68 40 yard dash time. Which is eye popping for a player of his stature, Bennett can outrun defenders, run OVER defenders, and finally help block on the O-line. He is not just a pass catching receiver, and he can man handle opposing defenders on the line.



My next point is, since he has played for not so good teams I think he inks a Patriot friendly deal at, 3 years, $10 Million, and it be a heavy incentive type of deal. At this point of Bennett’s career, you would assume that he is playing for Super Bowls, and thinking how many rings can I size before I retire. His big brother Michael already has 1 ring, so why not keep it in the family and go for one yourself?  Brady to Bennett seams as smooth as a hot knife through butter. So smooth as some easy addition #12 + #88 = 18 points scored. Bennett deserves a pay if he keeps up the performances he has been having.

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